failure when receiving data from the peer



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Configure SMTP details under action tab
  2. Navigate to screen Configuration>Actions and select create action.
  3. Add conditions in action tab and in operations tab add step details as send message and send only to the email action configured for SMTP media type.

See screenshot..

Trigger with error is recorded as «Failure when receiving data from the peer: response reading failed»
Email should be delivered.



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I have a problem with this CURL call:

And I receive this error:

curl: (56) Failure when receiving data from the peer

But if I do this CURL:

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cURl error 56 can have different reason like:

  1. Passing data to be uploaded in URL itself instead of POST request
  2. Probably Proxy blocking the request to the server.
  3. In some cases, server do not support particular request, like some servers support PUT/POST any one of them.

When I received this error last time, it was proxy blocking the request to the server.

But in your case, in non working case:

you have appended the file to be POST in URL itself, which is the location actually not available on server,

These can be reason not sure, it happened to me long back while playing with cURL command-line.

Такая ошибка может быть вызвана любыми неполадками подключения к Интернету непосредственно самой 1С.А подключаться она может по разным причинам, например проверка обновления или загрузка курсов валют. Также возможен вариант, что выход 1С в интернет заблокирован вашим системным администратором через фаервол или прокси. В этом случае вам необходимо, чтобы ваш системный администратор настроил доступ для 1С.

Если у вас нет необходимости загружать автоматически курсы валют, то загрузку можно отключить в настройках.

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