exception connecting readtimeoutexception null

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Readtimeoutexception null что делать

Автор Влад Влад задал вопрос в разделе Браузерные

Помогите что мне делать я захажу в сервер майнкарфт.. Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException и получил лучший ответ

Ответ от Андрей Шавель[новичек]
Сервер крашнулся. Непарся)
Андрей Шавель
Сервер на хостинге?


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Shlobdon commented Feb 15, 2014

Hello, this has been happening to me a lot lately. Not just me, lots of others within the server. Not sure what it is, can someone help me figure it out?

Lots of other players & I get this error ALL at the same time, then disconnecting us and being buggy on minecraft server list in client. : [Server] INFO disconnected with: ReadTimeoutException : null

Here is a paste of the console for sorta proof that it’s not «just me not making a connection to the server».

Can someone please help me find out what the problem is? I’m currently using BungeeCord build #841.

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