error couldn t connect to server


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ghost commented Mar 29, 2018 •

error: couldn’t connect to server_ is an issue that i think must be solved urgently
It seems this error pops up because default command in *.conf file is masternode=1. Daemon can’t start with «masternode=1» command in conf file and without setting up a real masternode privkey. Thats why on reboot doesn’t start. Now if it doesn’t start, can’t sync! So, user can’t first sync the wallet then paste the mn privkey to activate mn.

Temp solution to this is installation for all coins is installation to come with default conf file with «masternode=0» inside. not 1.

btw we need simple commands to stop , resync and restart daemons of masternodes.

I have read through a number of posts on here about this error but none seem to solve my problem. I am trying to use Altcoin-cli on my alt-coin (which is an exact clone of the bitcoin source) using my generated Altcoind daemon and Altcoin-cli

I know that it is an exact copy of bitcoin because I forked it myself (for learning purposes) so the error isn’t caused by me breaking some code. Here are the steps I am doing:

1) In one terminal I run Altcoind -daemon -reindex

2) In my Altcoin.conf fine I have this:

3) I then run Altcoin-cli generate 1 -1 in attempt to mine a block. This is where I get the error:

error: couldn’t connect to server: unknown (code -1) (make sure server is running and you are connecting to the correct RPC port)

When ever I try to connect to mongo db I always get this error as below.

MongoDB shell version: 2.4.3 connecting to: test Fri Apr 26 14:31:46.941 JavaScript execution failed: Error: couldn’t connect to server at src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:L112 exception: connect failed

I tried various solutions listed in stackoverflow and tried following commands but nothing works.

1) sudo rm /var/lib/mongodb/mongod.lock

// says such file located at this place.

2) sudo service mongodb start

// error: sudo: service: command not found

3) I’ve made sure nothing else is running at that port.

4) Even tried uninstalling and installing it again.

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