epson stylus photo 950 драйвер windows 7

На этой странице представлен список программного обеспечения, в который включены драйвера для принтера Epson Stylus Photo 950. Это необходимый и достаточный набор программных средств для подключения, настройки и эксплуатации вашего Stylus Photo 950 в связке с практически любым компьютером или ноутбуком.

Чтобы не ошибиться с выбором драйвера, необходимо сперва уточнить название операционной системы, установленной на вашем компьютере. Это важно, т.к. каждый драйвер совместим только с определенными операционными системами, список которых приведен в описании для каждого драйвера.

Скачать драйвер Epson Stylus Photo 950, который вы подобрали можно нажав на соответствующую кнопку напротив этого драйвера. Вы будете направлены на страницу, где и начнется загрузка драйвера для принтера Epson Stylus Photo 950.

Тип / Bit
10 — Vista
32 / 64 Установка только из центра обновления Windows.
(1290/1290S) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.2c 5.6 [MB] Скачать
64 24.08.05 1.0 7.4 [MB] Скачать
(2000P) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.2as 4.2 [MB] Скачать
(830u) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.4a 6.1 [MB] Скачать
(890) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.2bs 5.6 [MB] Скачать
(895) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.2as 5.7 [MB] Скачать
(925) Windows
32 1.01.04 5.3d 6.0 [MB] Скачать
(950) Windows
Vista / XP
32 26.03.07 5.9a 6.1 [MB] Скачать
Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
Установка свежих версий Software Update от Apple
(1290 / 1290S /
2000P / 890 / 895)
Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
13.11.14 9.33 44.8 [MB] Скачать
(1290 / 1290S) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 7.6 [MB] Скачать
(2000P) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 5.8 [MB] Скачать
(830u) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 7.7 [MB] Скачать
(890) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 7.2 [MB] Скачать
(895) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 7.1 [MB] Скачать
(925) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 8.4 [MB] Скачать
(950) Mac OS X
10.11 — 10.0
05.11.07 3.09 8.7 [MB] Скачать

Вы приняли лицензию Epson как только нажали на кнопку скачать.

Драйверы для Epson Stylus Photo 830U / 890 / 895 / 925 / 950 / 1290 / 1290S / 2000P для Windows 10 — XP и Apple Macintosh OS X 10.11 — 10.0 с английским интерфейсом.

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Support & Downloads: Epson Stylus Photo 950

Many printer drivers, utilities and applications are available to download free of charge from the support pages of the Epson website. This article explains how to navigate the Epson website to locate and download them for your product.

  • Some of the options available to you will vary depending on your operating system (e.g. Windows 10 or macOS), or internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari).
  • File names will vary, as they are different for each product model. File types may also vary for different products and operating systems.

If you are intending to install an Epson product, start with the product powered off.

    Click here to open the Epson homepage.

Once the Epson homepage has opened click on Support at the top of the page.

  • Scroll down to Find your model
  • Enter the name or the serial number of your Epson product and click Search.

    Example: Expression Home XP-225

    As you type, the webpage will suggest one or more product matches. Click on the correct product from the list of alternatives, then click Search.

    • If your product doesn’t appear when you type it in, check that you haven’t mis-typed it and try again — check the Epson name on the front of your product.
    • Check how your product is supported. For example, there may be an inbox driver available for your product and a download is therefore not provided. For some older products the recommendation may be to use a compatible driver for a previous operating system instead (e.g. Windows 7 in place of Windows 10). To check this see the relevant article from the sections below:


    macOS / Mac OS X

    The Drivers & Manuals section will appear below. The webpage will automatically recognise your operating system, e.g. Windows 7 64-bit:

    If the operating system shown is not correct, or you wish to find or download software for a different operating system, click on the drop-down menu and select the one you require.

    Example: the Epson Expression Premium XP-225 and Windows 7 64-bit.

    If you’re not sure exactly which version you have, see one of the following Related Articles for help or refer to your computer’s documentation:

  • The webpage is split into two sections:
    • Drivers & Software
    • Manuals & Documentation

    Drivers & Software

    The available options may include some or all of the following:

    Product Setup

    We recommend if available for your product that you download and install Epson Product Setup. Epson Product Setup contains everything you need to use your Epson product. The installer downloads and installs the latest driver software for your Epson product which may include (where applicable) printer drivers, network Wi-Fi drivers, scanner drivers and software.

    As well as setting up your product to your Windows PC or Mac

    If the Epson Product Setup tool is not available for your product continue to the section below.


    If the Epson Product Setup tool is not available for your product, we recommend that you download and install everything under this heading, but the following are required as a minimum to use your product with a computer:
    Printers: you will need to download and install the Driver.
    Scanners: you will need to download and install Epson Scan.
    All-In-Ones: you will need to download both Epson Scan and the Driver. It is important to ensure that you install Epson Scan first.

    Creativity Software, Other Software, ICC Profiles

    Network Utilities


    Manuals & Documentation

    Under Manuals & Documentation you can also access product guides (Downloadable Manuals),

    The software will start to download.

    If prompted click Run to start the installation.

    This above screens apply to Internet Explorer 11 only. If you are using and older version of Internet Explorer or another browser, select the option to run or save the file to the desktop, if available. In some browsers, your download may automatically be directed to a pre-selected folder.


    Once downloaded the files will be extracted

    Follow the on-screen instructions to install your software.

    All Epson software is checked for viruses and potential errors. As such any files downloaded from the Epson site should be regarded as coming from a trusted source.

    If you receive a warning advising that the publisher could not be verified, confirm that the name of the file in the warning is the Epson file you downloaded, then continue with the installation.

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