Desktop icons, taskbar, start button and main menu in Windows 7

Desktop icons

The purpose of the main desktop icons is shown in the table below:

Icon Name
Компьютер Allows you to familiarize yourself with the state of your computer's resources, see the ones available in the system removable disks и CD (DVD) ROM, hard drives (HDD), mapped network drives, get access to folders and documents, to system folders, in which you can customize the work of Windows.
Documents Editing A convenient place to store user documents that require quick access. On the desktop, this folder is represented by a shortcut with a picture of the folder in which the sheet of paper is attached. Many programs by default offer to save the generated files in the folder My documents.
Cart Storage location for deleted files and folders. They remain in the recycle bin until it is emptied. If necessary, the deleted document can be restored from basket.
Internet Explorer If your computer is connected to the Internet, Internet Explorer allows you to search and view information on the Internet and on the local network.
Network Allows you to access resources available on the local network. For example, to a network printer, to shared applications or databases, to documents of other users.

Taskbar, Start Button and Main Menu

At the bottom of the screen is located Task bar with the button located on it Start... On the right side Taskbars the indicator area is located.


Button click Start opens Main menu.

Main menu - the main means of user interaction with the system. It is used to run programs, for example to run text editor Microsoft Word.

Main menu
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