Magic Uneraser is the best program to recover deleted files

Some theory

It turns out that not everything is as scary and “hopeless” as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that in the file system of the Windows family (however, as in its predecessor - MS-DOS), when performing a delete operation, files are not physically removed from the disk... In the special table of file names, only the first letter of the name is removed. It is replaced by a special character that tells the operating system that this file is no longer needed and the space it takes can be used for other files. Accordingly, if this special character is replaced by any other, then this file will again become "visible" to the user among other files in the folder. This is the principle of file recovery, which is successfully used by the corresponding software.

The only unpleasant moment in this question is the fact that if, after deleting a file, the operating system was writing to the drive (you wrote other files to it), in this case, the likelihood of full recovery of the file is greatly reduced. That is, the system could write data from another file or files to the place where your deleted file was located earlier. In this case, it can be completely or partially damaged. Therefore, when restoring, it is necessary to strictly observe the following, simple rules:

File recovery rules

  1. File recovery program must be installed on the hard disk of the computer before starting the recovery operation.
  2. Important! Regardless of whether you wrote files to disk after deletion or not, after the recovery process, be sure to copy the "saved" file to some folder from the one you restored, and then delete the old recovered file. This will prevent problems that may arise in the file system due to the fact that the data of another file or several files could get into the recovered file.
  3. Try to recover files immediately after deleting... Otherwise, if after that some more data was copied to the drive, then the probability of correct recovery drops sharply.

How to recover deleted files?

To carry out this process, we need software specially developed for this purpose. Today there are a lot of programs on the network that allow you to correctly recover deleted files. Let's see how to perform this procedure using an example. freeware utility - Magic Uneraser.

Magic Uneraser is the best software to recover deleted files with Magic Uneraser

To work, the program must be installed on your computer.

Download Magic Uneraser (size - 41 MB)

To recover the deleted file, run Magic Uneraser. After starting, the screen will display a window with the drives available in the system. Select the disk we need (in our case, we will restore files on a USB flash drive) and double-click on it.

Choose the disk we need

The program will analyze the selected drive and display its contents. Moreover, you will immediately see the deleted files - they will be marked with a red cross.

Select the directory in which the deleted files are located (in our case, this is the TEMP folder) and click on it with the mouse. Magic Unerase will analyze the folder and open all recently deleted files in it.

Choosing a directory

Select the file we need and click on it with the mouse, highlighting it.

Select the file we need

After that, it remains to press the Recovery button on the program toolbar and the process will be launched.

Click the Recovery button on the toolbar

The program will ask a question about where to save the restored file. Select the first menu item - Save to hard disk ("Save to hard disk") and click the Next button. In the rest of the paragraphs, it is proposed to write the recovered file to CD / DVD, create an ISO-image or upload it via ftp-protocol to the server.

Select the first menu item - Save to hard disk

Select the folder to save the file and press the coveted Recovery button.

Choosing a folder to save the file

The program will restore and save your file to the specified directory. Click Finish to close the window.

To close the window, press the Finish button

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this process, the recovery function itself is fully automated. The programmers took care not to save the recovered file to the same directory, but gave you a choice of path, thereby fulfilling one of the basic rules of saving.

Some notes

Now you know how to recover deleted data, but most programs, when analyzing the contents of a drive in normal mode, display only those files on the screen, the recovery of which will not cause problems for the user. These are, as a rule, files that have been deleted quite recently, which do not have a violation of the structure. But the inclusion of the so-called extended modes in the software will allow recovering files deleted a long time ago and having a partial violation of the structure.

It should be noted right away that you can restore files in this way only if absolutely necessary! For example, executable, music and video files, if partially damaged, are completely unusable. You can perform such a recovery for text files or files, the structure of which you know well, so that you can later understand it.

No matter how well data recovery programs work, it may not save you in cases of serious file loss. It doesn't matter for what reason this happened - whether you accidentally deleted them yourself, there was a power failure, or the natural aging of the disk was to blame. In any case, the hopes placed on this software may not be justified. And therefore - if you value your information, do it regularly. backup Is the best and most reliable way to recover lost files.

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