Virtual CloneDrive - virtual disk manager


For fans of playing computer games, it is no secret that at the present time on the Internet you can download a distribution kit of any game.
In very many cases, game files are distributed as images. Of course, this applies not only to gaming software, but also to any other images of the original discs.
In order for these images to be perceived by the computer as a full-fledged optical disk, there are a number of programs - emulators, which are designed to provide the task of creating a virtual disk in your operating system.
Among all the variety of both paid and free software, let me introduce you to a utility from a very famous company SlySoft.
It's called Virtual CloneDrive. Many people remember the Clone DVD program from this company, which gained great popularity during the period of active use of optical CDs and DVDs.
Creating the Virtual CloneDrive utility, the developers, first of all, focused on the ease of use of the program, minimization of system resource consumption and speed of work. And they succeeded quite well.

What can Virtual CloneDrive do?
For its small size, the program's capabilities are quite impressive.
- Virtual CloneDrive can support FIFTEEN virtual drives, meaning you can use up to 15 images at the same time !;
- the program works with common types of images such as ISO, BIN and others;
- the program supports many languages, including Russian;
- the program is distinguished by its high speed of operation with minimal consumption of computer resources;
- there is an opportunity to work with the history of working on images;
- the program fully supports versions of the Windows 10 system. Works in 32 and 64 bit systems;
- mastering the functionality of the program is so simplified that there are no problems with its use even for novice users.
The order of using the program is as follows:
Install the program in the desired directory of the computer. We launch the program, make the settings we need, specify the number of virtual disks from 1 to 15, set the display in the tray as desired, autoload the last image, display the virtual disk icon. Go to "My Computer", select the one created by the program virtual disk, right-click on "Mount Image". Then we specify the path to the location of the image file. Launch the virtual disk.

Everything is working!
The program is free to use.

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