Installing the standard Notepad text editor in Windows 10


In Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Notepad is a built-in text editor. However, having installed the latest updates of the "dozens", the user runs the risk of not detecting the application using the search field in the taskbar or the "Programs and Features" utility located in the control panel. The solution to this problem suggests downloading and then installing "Notepad" using system tools or through third-party services.

Installation from the "Additional components" window

Before applying the first method, it is suggested to try to find the program of interest through the search engine built into the taskbar. Perhaps a standard text editor is already installed, but the user has not found it. If the search did not bring positive results, to download the notebook, you need to carry out operations that offer:

  • Open a window with tools for changing parameters by pressing the Win + I button combination.
  • Go to the tab called "Applications and Features".
  • Find there an item that allows you to install and remove "Additional components".
  • In the right part of this window, click the hyperlink, which gives the "Add Component" command.
  • When the system generates a list of available components, check the Notepad box.
  • Make a click on the "Install" button for Windows to load the text editor distribution kit.

When the installation process is successful, Notepad will function exactly the same as in previous versions of the OS from Microsoft. And you can find them through the Windows 10 search engine built into the taskbar or the "Start" menu opened by the corresponding button.

Installing Notepad from Microsoft Store utility

If Notepad is not installed through the window with additional components, it is now allowed to download it from the Microsoft app store. But the start of the boot procedure is available only to users who work on personal computers with Windows 10 from 19541.0. For this purpose, they 

should open the page at, and then click the Get button.

If the Microsoft Store client is not installed, there is another way to get Notepad for Windows 10. It offers users of the Opera browser:

  • Load the MS Store - Generation Projrect page in the browser window at
  • Left-click on the "Get" button of the page for purchasing Notepad from the Microsoft Store.
  • In the list of the context menu that opens, specify the command "Copy address".
  • Paste the copied hyperlink into the provided field on the MS Store - Generation Projrect page.
  • Press the button with a checkbox that starts the procedure for generating temporary hyperlinks.
  • In the results, click on the file with the name Microsoft.WindowsNotepad and the extension msixbundle.
  • Copy the downloaded and then renamed notepad.msix file to the system32 directory of the windows folder.
  • In the Powershell utility, enter the command Add-AppxPackage -Path. \ Notepad.msix.
  • Wait until the end of the installation for the subsequent discovery of the notebook in the "Start" menu.
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