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Today, when the computer has "stepped" into every home and has long taken its "honorable" place in pedagogical enterprises, the ability to work on it is as necessary as the ability to read or write. The digital age dictates new conditions for our existence and, therefore, such questions - "How to master a computer on your own" or "How to learn to work on a computer" have become very, very relevant for many.

Some people, especially the older generation, very often say that "We have lived without computers for a hundred years and will live the same amount of time", and in fact, behind this phrase there is an unreal indifference to smart technology, and often just FEAR in front of similar equipment.

BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO LEARN A COMPUTER! - today a lot of useful functions, which previously could only be dreamed of, have become available to absolutely all users:

  • Access to the Internet;
  • Audio and video communication with friends and family;
  • Access to the portal of public services;
  • Appointment to a doctor;
  • Submission of applications;
  • The latest information.

And much more is provided precisely with the help of computers, and this significantly saves time, effort and money.

It is clear that you can start your education in different ways. You can start by self-reading and studying specialized literature, classes with an experienced user, attending courses, etc., but in any case, it is always worth remembering that WITHOUT CONSTANT LUGGAGE REFILL OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BECOME A GOOD PC USER, since changes in the computer sphere happen almost every day.

Of course, not everyone has time to attend courses or study with an individual teacher, and the economic costs of such training are sometimes very high.

THE OUTPUT IS ALWAYS! Welcome to the free resource for teaching computer literacy - ComputerMarker.info!


Here you will learn the nuances of working with a computer, master the software, get computer tips - COMPUTERMAKER.INFO will become your friend, helper and guide.

The site is constantly updated with various thematic information and a variety of software. The content of the resource will be very useful, both for a beginner who does not understand anything at all in computer technology, and for an experienced user who knows a PC well.

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