Microsoft has canceled the release of the operating system Windows 10X


Microsoft has ditched plans to release Windows 10X. The new version of Windows was originally announced in the fall of 2020 and was pushed back to the spring of 2021 during the pandemic. Now Microsoft has said goodbye to these plans.
This step was already expected after Microsoft withdrew the development team from the project. Instead, the technology should be integrated into existing Windows products.
In addition, Microsoft has released the H1H1 update, which mainly contains performance improvements and some minor innovations. A big redesign should follow in the fall with the 21H2 update.

10X technology integrated

Windows does not represent the solution as the end of 10X, on the contrary, it is argued that Windows 10X technology can be useful in many ways and serve more customers. This is the conclusion the company came to after a year of research and discussions with customers, explains Windows Service Manager John Cable.
Windows 10X was primarily targeted at cheaper PCs and dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo and Lenovo X Fold. Now the technology is planned to be used in parts for other purposes.
Some of the features can already be found in the Windows Insider Preview build. These include new application container technology, improved voice input, and a redesigned touch keyboard. Microsoft is currently working on integrating much of the 10X technology into other Windows systems.

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