What is Microsoft 365


What is Microsoft 365?
Microsoft 365 is an innovative solution in the market that includes a licensed version of Enterprise Windows 10, Office 365 services, and full protection and full protection of Enterprise Mobility & Security.
What does Microsoft 365 do?

Easy implementation of creative ideas
• Ability to create memorable and vivid content thanks to intelligent applications.
• Simple and easy-to-use functions for working with data using voice, touch input and handwriting interface.
• Modern level of visualization.
• Consolidation of interfaces of all devices of the company for quick output of project results.

Effective teamwork
• Fast exchange of mail and work with tasks through Exchange.
• Sharing applications, material, connecting to employees through SharePoint.
• Exchange of information via video and voice communication via Microsoft Teams and Skype.
• Corporate messaging network through Yammer.
• Co-authorship and participation in projects of colleagues thanks to Office 365.

Simplicity and practicality through integration
• Minimize ROI by monitoring deployment, maintenance, and management.
• Support for all kinds of devices: Mac, PC, Android and iOS.
• Synergy of working contributions of each member of the organization.

Smart security
• Control of access levels of accounts.
• Protection of corporate information.
• Protection against malware.
• Compliance with GDPR (European Union Data Protection Regulation).

Core components of Microsoft 365
Office 365
Office 365 is a suite of tools that lets you design work from any device or platform. This component allows you to participate in group work from anywhere in the world, both autonomously and via a network. Office 365 can:

  1. Create content and share it via corporate email.
  2. Build relationships with customers and partners through convenient communication tools.
  3. Streamline business processes no matter where you are.
    And all this with a simple control and configuration system. The latest versions of any programs are always at hand.
    Windows 10
    It's easy to find the right edition for every industry: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, or Windows 10 Education.
    With each operating system, you get a suite of services and services to securely operate, manage and personalize, and maximize the productivity of your business.
    Enterprise Mobility & Security
    EMS is a simple and flexible security system. It includes:
  4. Identity-based cloud access control.
  5. Protection against complex virus attacks.
  6. Intellectual security of corporate information.
  7. Application and mobile device management.
  8. Simplified desktop virtualization.
  9. Rapid scaling depending on the needs of the business.
    As a result, you get a flexible, scalable platform with the maximum reduction in operating costs.
    Choose the best solution for your business, and evaluate a new level of project and remote work with corporate security.
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