How to select country and language from regional settings in Windows 10


In the Windows 10 operating system, there are a huge number of different settings that allow you to configure the system for convenient use. Subfront options can also be found in the regional configuration window. But, despite the ease of changing the language and state there, not all users are able to do this. An identical problem awaits those who want to move to another country, practice a foreign language, check the auto switch to winter or summer time, and so on. Therefore, methods of solving it are considered below.

How to change language and state in regional settings

Use the Language Bar, Settings Window, and Windows Registry to manage regional options.

From the "Parameters" of the OS

If you want to open regional settings to select a different language and country from the window, which is intended for editing system parameters:

  • Access the Start menu by clicking the Windows logo button on the Active Jobs bar.
  • Look for the icons on the right side of the menu that appears on the display.
  • Among them there should be a gear, which should be pressed to open the parameters.
  • When a window appears prompting you to change the settings, select the section titled "Time and language".
  • By clicking on the "Date and time" item in the left menu, on the right, turn off the automatic time setting.
  • In the "Region" menu item, specify your current state of residence, for example, Russia.
  • Then open the "Language" item to indicate your native language (Russian) on the right side.

From the language bar

If you've upgraded to Windows 10, but have never used it before, the simplest way to change regional settings is to use the language selection panel:

  • Look for the language selection icon in the system tray. It takes the form of an inscription that informs about the current keyboard layout.
  • Clicking on the mentioned icon, you will find an item that allows you to open the "Language Settings".

After that, a window for changing the regional settings will appear, in which it is recommended to perform the steps for choosing the time, state and language from the previous algorithm.

From Windows Registry

The utility integrated into the operating system for editing the entries in the registry also allows you to select another state where the computer is located without directly using the regional settings window. If you consider yourself an advanced user:

  • Write the regedit command and press Win + r to start the Run program.
  • In the registry editor from the left menu, open the HKCU \ Control Panel \ International \ Geo branch.
  • The last section should contain a parameter named Nation.
  • Double click on the mentioned parameter to light up its settings window.

In the value entry field, type the identifier for the geographic location. It can be found on the page at For the Russian Federation, the identifier corresponds to the number 203. The changes made in the registry will start working after the computer is restarted.

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