How to change the color, size and appearance of the cursor in Windows 10


At one of the stages of customizing Windows 10, you can change the appearance of the mouse cursor. Its files have the ani or cur extension, and are also stored in the Cursors directory from the Windows system folder on the local C partition.

How to change the size and shade of the cursor in the options

To move a pointer with a different size and color on the display at the command of the mouse:

  • Click on the Microsoft system logo button.
  • Look for the image of the gear. It is located on the left side of the Start menu.
  • Click the above button. This element will open a window that helps to change OS parameters.
  • From the items that exist there, select the one that controls Accessibility.
  • Going into the accessibility section, look in the left column for the link labeled "Mouse".
  • Click it to select a standard, large, or extra cursor size on the right.
  • Much lower there is an option to mark a white, black, or inverted pointer tone.

How to change pointer in mouse properties

If you want to replace the current cursor with a version downloaded from the Internet or an existing one in the Cursors folder:

  • Press the Win + R buttons to display the Run utility window.
  • In its field for the set of commands, write the word control Main.cpl.
  • When the properties for the manipulator open, go to the tab called "Pointers".
  • In the "Scheme" block, click the drop-down list that displays collections of cursors in the OS.
  • Having chosen the option you like, pay attention to the section of the window located below.

It shows how the cursor will look after the occurrence of various events. Each option can be replaced with your own by clicking the "Browse" button and choosing the appropriate file with the cur extension from the small "Explorer" window. Below this window there are options that activate the visual shadow effect and allow themes to replace pointers with their accompanying cursor sets. If you need to return a standard image of a cursor, select it in the same window and click the "Default" button.

How to keep or delete a cursor outline

By changing the pointers, you can save the generated diagram. To this end, click on the "Save As" button, write an arbitrary name for the new scheme and confirm the need for the operation to be triggered. If the applied scheme no longer satisfies you, just click the "Delete" button and agree to run this action in the dialog box.

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