Chat Partner - How to Bypass the Ban and Install Google Services on a Huawei Smartphone


As you know, through Google Services, web applications operating on a smartphone allow you to use geolocation, update software in the background, pay through Google Play, and so on. However, disagreements in cooperation with the American company based in Mountain View (Mountain View) in California, forced the manufacturer Huawei to gradually replace Google services with its services and web stores.

Today, you can find replacements for many features and programs in the branded downloads section, but the number of offered software is less than that of the classic Google Play. If you don't like these alternatives, don't worry. Indeed, on the Internet you can find a special Chat Partner utility for Huawei, which easily bypasses the blocking and downloads Services from Google.

What is Chat Partner for Huawei

Chat Partner is a simple, organized program that allows you to install Google services on Huawei mobile phones. It automatically checks the status of the device, detects effective blocking bypass methods, and runs an installation ban removal algorithm. Then the program installs the current versions of Google Play and Google Mobile Services, without which the rest of the services from this American company would work with failures and errors. If the above operations cannot be performed on a specific Huawei smartphone model, a message will pop up on the display with detailed information about the problem.

How to download and install the program

To remove restrictions on the installation of Google services on a Chinese smartphone:

  • In the query string in the search service, write the phrase "Chat Partner for Huawei".
  • In the results window, click the link leading to the appropriate site with the program.
  • Click on the download link on the page that has loaded in the browser.
  • When the distribution is finished downloading, open the download folder on your smartphone.
  • Click the icon of the file with the apk extension to launch the installer.

Attention! If you downloaded the Chat Partner app for Huawei from a little-known site, you run the risk of infecting your mobile device with a ransomware virus or much more dangerous malware.

How to use the "Chat Partner" for Huawei

When the icon of the program in question appears on the smartphone desktop:

  • In the running application, tap on the Detect Device button. It is located on its main screen.
  • Wait until the end of the mobile phone check, then click on the button labeled Repair Now.
  • Pause again until the end of the processes running during the installation of Google Services.
  • When the installation procedures are successfully completed, click the activation button.
  • Log into your Google profile by writing your login and password in the fields of its authorization form.
  • Open the Google Play web store client and install the programs you want.

The entire installation process takes 5-10 minutes. However, you will not be able to contactlessly pay for purchases using the NFC module through the Google Pay service, since the new models of Huawei gadgets do not have certificates for such operations. Instead, it is allowed to implement contactless payments through other programs. For example, among similar products is the Huawei Pay utility, which is an alternative to GPay.

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