How to remove Windows 10 update notification
Windows 10 has a lot of positives and is in many ways superior to previous versions. But for some people it's better
How to change the color, size and appearance of the cursor in Windows 10
At one of the stages of customizing Windows 10, you can change the appearance of the mouse cursor. Its files are supplied with
How to select country and language from regional settings in Windows 10
In the Windows 10 operating system, there are a huge number of different settings that allow
Computer basics
How do I select, move, copy, and arrange icons on the desktop?
How to select an icon on the Desktop To select an icon, left-click on it.
Computer basics
What is Application Software? 8 main types
Text Editors A text editor is a program used specifically for typing and editing
Computer basics
Learn to edit and format text in the text editor Microsoft Word
Entering text Click in the area of ​​the document where you want to insert a symbol, word, sentence
Computer basics
What are windows in Windows 7? Working with windows
Types of windows The functions are distinguished: Application windows; Desktop windows;
Computer basics
Learning to work with a computer keyboard. 5 main types of keys
General concepts Information entry point (cursor) is a symbol "|" blinking on the monitor screen, indicating
Computer basics
What is computer software? And what is it like?
The concept of software In fact, a program consists of steps, which are sequentially performed
Computer basics
What are personal computer ports? And what are they?
About connectors for connecting external video devices (VGA, DVI, HDMI), read a separate article on our
Computer basics
What is a graphical and textual interface?
Text-based interface To use the text-based interface, you must have a good knowledge of the operating system.
Computer basics
Useful programs - mail, social networks, antivirus programs
Email is a modern form of communication One of the most useful functions that Global
Computer basics
10 main types of personal computer peripherals
Printer This peripheral device is designed to print a variety of text and graphics.
Computer basics
5 main types of modern computers
The term "computer" Strictly speaking, the term "computer" is very voluminous, since the principle of its operation can
Computer basics
What is an operating system? Functions, history, types
Operating system functions The operating system performs a large number of functions, to which, in the first
Computer basics
What is the unit of measurement for the amount of information?
The smallest unit of information A bit is the smallest possible unit of information in a digital system.