Akelpad is the perfect notebook


Akelpad is an extremely minimalistic yet highly functional program. In principle, it was conceived as the fastest and most resource-intensive text editor, created in spite of popular applications designed for modern powerful machines. Outwardly, it does not differ much from the well-known Notepad, but at the same time it has a couple of very interesting functional features: the ability to work with Unicode and translation formats for almost all operating systems and the ability to connect plugins. 

Akelpad accepts UTF-16BE, UTF-32BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-16LE, UTF-8 encodings. Translated into Russian, this means that the user gets rid of the need for lengthy and tedious transcoding of files.

The program will be an ideal solution when working on a weak old computer with a primitive OS, because it supports memory segmentation even in XNUMX-bit systems. Accordingly, if you just need a "typewriter", you can get a long-forgotten unpretentious PC out of the closet, install Akelpad on it and work for pleasure. But the most important thing in the application is the ability to connect plugins, because it is this that gives you real freedom. 

If you wish, it is quite possible to develop this modest "gray" program to the state of a full-fledged Word, or you can stop at the level of EMEditora. Accordingly, one and the same product, in accordance with the needs of the user, turns into a powerful system for processing text files with a particular set of functions, or into a code editor for different programming languages.

There are a number of both familiar and specific, but extremely useful functions in the Akelpad program. For example, previewing a file before opening and blocking text are so convenient that over time you can't imagine your work without them. Word / string hot swapping works great and will be very useful to those who know how to work with this function.

Most users habitually prefer to use the Backspace key. Viewing the sheet before printing, replacing the language file and similar attributes are known to everyone and do not need a special description.

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