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This page is an attempt to clarify the different resets and reboots. You’ll find other related and valuable information at Factory Defaults.


[edit] Hard Reset («30 reset»)

A hard reset sets the router back to the firmware’s defaults, thus it will clear all the settings you have configured in the router. Here are some of the different ways that users are doing hard resets. Those methods will not unflash your router to the default firmware. They will reset to defaults such settings as IP address or password.

After a hard reset the router will take a few minutes to boot

  • Press and hold the button while the router is on, and keep holding it about 30 seconds. On different models you may see rapid flashing of an LED, or a red error or diagnostic LED. Wait for it to return to normal operation (typically power-LED on solid). Normal behaviour here is for it to not actually clear the nvram, although many people think of it and phrase it that way. What it is supposed to do is return all settings to factory state, or to say it another way, to firmware defaults. If you added new non-factory variables they should still be there after this type of reset. One way of tracking the status of what’s happening while holding in the reset button is to leave a network cable plugged in to your computer and the router, then watch the screen on your computer. After the network has lost a connection for the second time, the router is usually reset back to firmware defaults.

If above method did not work at all it probably means resetbuttond is set to disabled.

[edit] Hard Reset («30/30/30 reset»)

Holding down the reset-button while plugging in the router achieves a different goal than the thirty second reset. Here the bootloader is in charge, so getting it to clear the memory for you may have different results. Some platforms will completely empty the nvram and depend on another stage of the bootloader or firmware to repopulate it. On some less-supported hardware this may have unpleasant results, so use the following two reset methods cautiously. Note: On some routers, in particular a lot of Atheros based routers (and Asus), this may cause the router to go into recovery mode, instead of resetting the settings. It is often better to do a GUI reset, Admin tab, then factory defaults. Click apply and wait 5 min. The router is now reset and should ask for a password when you log into it at

To do a «hard reset for anyone not knowing OP or otherwise, hold the reset button with the power on, for 30 seconds, then while continuing to hold the reset button, unplug the linksys router, continuing to hold the red button in the back for 30 seconds, and while still holding it in, plug in the power again and keep holding the reset button for an additional 30 seconds. This will wipe the nvram out. Keep in mind with hard resets the linksys routers can be touchy I had to do it three times till it fully cleared out the nvram on mine» I think this forum poster actually meant that it will reset back to firmware/factory defaults, but as stated above, it could have unpleasant results «on some less-supported hardware».

[edit] Power Cycling

Also called a Cold Boot, this means to remove power from the device for sufficient time to ensure all chip registers/voltages have cleared. Ten seconds off should suffice, but 30 is the norm, but if anomalies are encountered, leave the device without power longer. Ram has been known to be readable for minutes after a power off, and methods can be used to read said ram for hacking purposes. Chips have been known to maintain state for minutes as well.

Regardless, ram is supposed to be cleared on boot, yet there are various reasons why you can not be positive that this is the case. Design flaws, low cost design methodology, bugs in ram chips, can all result in ram or logic gates in chips, not being cleared on boot.

It should be noted that this will not clear the nvram nor reset the router back to factory/firmware defaults.

[edit] Clearing The nvram

See Erasing NVRAM in the Hard Reset wiki for command line details.
To «clear, wipe, reset, or erase the nvram» commonly indicates «to reset back to the firmware’s defaults», although the two terms do not mean exactly the same thing. «Factory Defaults» in DD-WRT really means «firmware defaults» because it reverts to DD-WRT’s defaults.

[edit] Login (password) after Reset

After a reset of DD-WRT, the firmware should ask for you to change the username and password. If it does not the reset was not successful.

Статьи и заметки об установке и настройке Windows, Linux, маршрутизаторов и т.д.

На роутере TP-Link TL-WR1043ND с прошивкой OpenWrt забыли пароль. Сбросить его оказалось очень просто. Опишу процедуру пошагово:
1) На компьютере с которого производятся все действия прописывается IP-адрес независимо от того, какой IP-адрес прописан на роутере.
2) Подключаем роутер к компьютеру по LAN, а не через Wi-Fi.
3) Отключаем роутер от сети и снова включаем его. Через несколько секунд светодиод SYS начнет медленно мигать, в этот момент нажимаем на кнопку Reset, расположенную на задней стенке роутера, и удерживаем ее до тех пор, пока светодиод SYS не начнет мигать быстро. Как только это произошло, отпускаем Reset и подключаемся к роутеру через TELNET . (а не ssh) по адресу . Если все сделали правильно, то оказываемся в консоли.
4) Выполняем команду mount_root
5) Выполняем команду passwd и вводим новый пароль.

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Подскажите — как сбросить пароль в точке доступа Cisco Linksys WAP54G (был установлен ОПЕН ВРТ — логина и пароля нет и какие настройки были -неизвестно. Спасибо за рекомендацию.

К сожалению ничем не могу помочь, т.к. никогда не сталкивался с такими точками доступа.

а если вообще не заходит на роутер airties 4340 ? после сброса настроек reset перестал его видеть компьютер, как теперь быть или все-таки есть ай-пи адрес? как решить данную проблему? заранее благодарен .

Если я не ошибаюсь, то у airties 4340 по умолчанию ip-адрес и логин и пароль отсутствуют.

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«Жесткий» сброс или альтернативное название «Сброс 30/30/30» для восстановления заводских настроек, когда стандартные методы не помогают.

Hard reset или 30/30/30 — очистка области энергонезависимой памяти (NVRAM), где хранятся некоторые пользовательские данные и настройки роутера. Часто в NVRAM кроме полезной информации, собирается много всякого «мусора», который процедурой Factory Default (заводской сброс) полностью не очищается, например, после смены прошивок разных типов DD-WRT, Tomato или старые.

  1. На включенном роутере нажмите и удерживайте кнопку RESET на задней части модуля в течение 30 секунд
  2. Не отпуская кнопку сброса, отключите роутер и держите RESET еще в течение 30 секунд
  3. Включите роутер и зажмите кнопку RESET еще последние 30 секунд
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