dataframe object is not callable

Есть такой код. Идея в том, чтобы ускорить обработку большого датафрейма мультипроцессингом.

Вызываю таким образом

Полный текст ошибки такой :

TypeError: ‘DataFrame’ object is not callable

Начинает ругаться на :

df = pd.concat(pool.imap(func, df_split))

Где у меня ошибка? Импорт необходимых модулей сделан-pandas,multiprocessing и тд

When I run it, it keeps telling me the dataframe object is not callable.

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The problem is the property decorator on crawl_data . This answer explains how the property decorator actually works, but basically, dataframe.crawl_data is the dataframe returned by the function, not the function. So dataframe.crawl_data() in the first line of clean_data is trying to call the dataframe, not the function.

Here’s an example:

This question really could have done with the stacktrace. It would have lead us right to line with the problematic call.

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I am trying to narrow down securities from my pipeline, but I am running into errors.

The error is on the line context.longs_5 = context.longs_10([‘RSI’], ascending=False).iloc[:5]

Does anyone have any ideas?

Maybe forgot the ‘.sort’?

should maybe be..

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