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Забудьте о дорогих курсах, тоскливых днях в переполненном классе и скучных домашних заданиях. В этой статье вы найдете сайты, которые охватывают бесконечное количество тем по науке, языкам, дизайну и программированию. И все они бесплатны.

Мы в вас верим и знаем, что обучиться можно чему угодно — было бы желание.

Historically, in order to explain the concept of JOIN clause authors of textbooks and tutorials use a Venn diagram. I do not know who was the first to use it, but this addiction firmly stuck in the minds of everyone who has ever explained an operator of the connection in SQL. I will show flaws of this approach by giving you an example.

Using SQL every day for many years, I have found for myself a few useful tricks. Maybe it cannot be called full-fledged tricks, but rather approaches to solving certain simple tasks that save us time and effort.

Sometimes enough a few effective tricks to get promoted. Learn how you can work more efficiently in Excel using five simple tricks.

We have tried to collect information on what actions can kill your boss. If you do not want to harm and want to enjoy your work — feel free to read.

It would be wrong to say that all flow control in SQL ends at CASE WHEN in SELECT clause (Control flow in SQL). This method of using has a greater effect on the «visual» component of the result, leaving aside the business logic and optimisation mechanisms. I can describe at least two more ways of using CASE WHEN clause: within the HAVING/WHERE clause and within the JOIN clause.

Because knowledge counts.

SQL for Data Aggregation

Learn how to manipulate data using various SQL queries.

Try spreadsheets

Learning how to use formulas can reveal the full power of spreadsheets

Descriptive statistics

Learn how to analyze data using descriptive statistics.

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