dark souls prepare to die edition сохранения

Сохранения в Windows

Сохранения «Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition» хранятся в операционной системе Windows в папке [Documents], находящейся по умолчанию в профиле пользователя на системном диске «C». Для корректного переноса сохранений на другой компьютер следует обязательно сохранить данные из папки %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftXLive , которые отвечают за профиль в Games for Windows — LIVE.

Путь до сохранений Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition в Windows:

  • %USERPROFILE%DocumentsNBGIDarkSouls
  • C:Users[имя пользователя]DocumentsNBGIDarkSouls

Путь до сейвов Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition в Windows:

Сохранения в Linux

Сохранения игры «Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition» лежат в операционной системе Linux в папке [steamapps], расположенной в игровом клиенте STEAM Play Proton.

Путь к сохранениям Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition в STEAM на Linux:

    [Папка со Steam]/steamapps/compatdata/211420/pfx/

To back up:
1. Go to DocumentsNBGIDarkSouls
2. Find a folder with your GFWL gamer tag as its name.
3. Copy the file in the folder.
4. Make a new folder anywhere, in the gamer tag folder if you want, name it «Back up»
5. Paste the file in the newly made folder.
You now have a backup copy of your save files.
Optional: Make more folders and name those folders appropiately for as many back up as you want. You can, of course, copy and rename the savefiles themselves, but it would require an extra step (delete original and rename backup) when you restore.

To restore:
1. Go to your back up folder.
2. Copy the file.
3. Go to DocumentsNBGIDarkSouls
4. Find a folder with your GFWL gamer tag as its name.
5. Paste and replace the file in that folder.
Upon restore, you are returned to the point the save is made.

If you have DSfix autobackup function on, you will see some file(s) like [number]_draks0005.sl2.bak in the gamer tag folder. That is the backup file(s) made by DSfix. To restore, just delete the original file (draks0005.sl2) and rename the backup file of your choice to draks0005.sl2

Darksouls have a very aggressive auto saving policy, so plan ahead and make back up often. I suggest every time you reach a bonfire, and before turning human.

Of course, this can be abused and cheat as a manual save/load function. I say, don’t abuse this function if you want to enjoy this game the way it should be. But this is extremely useful in the case of save file geting corrupted for no reason, or when a hacker come in and mess up your play through by killing an NPC, and you don’t want to start everything again. Having a backup to fall back to can save weeks of frustration.

Сохранение для игры Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
— Игра пройдена на 100%

— Сейв сделан перед последней битвой
— В инвентаре куча крутых вещей

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