cannot focus a disabled or invisible window

I’m getting an error when running my compiled program. I’ve taken every precaution I can think of to prevent the error such as enabling forms before I hide or focus them. The application shows a DimmerForm (grey fade overlay) and then a NewFileForm on top of the overlay. The NewFileForm does its stuff and determines the file that is to be made and creates a new tabsheet in the page control on the MainForm and shows the newly created tab sheet. All this works so far (I can break before the NewFileForm closes and any error occurs and see that the tab sheet has been created and shown successfully). The NewFileForm then closes, which is again working fine.

The error happens when anything then tries to set the focus back to the MainForm . Hiding the DimmerForm , or clicking on the MainForm , or setting focus to the MainForm through code all cause the error message to occur. Placing the code in a < try , except , end >doesn’t prevent the error message either. I’ve searched every other method in the code that could possibly be triggered by the focusing of the MainForm and none are entered before the error occurs (so can’t be causing it).

I wrote pretty much the exact same code in a previous version of my application and then decided to restructure it all from the ground up. The previous version of the application worked without a hitch with the form focusing.

Here is the code to open up the NewFileForm :

I was logged into Skype 5.0 today and it was working fine, but about an hour or two ago it randomly stopped working. Now when I try to sign in, I get the message, «Skype can’t connect. Get help fixing this problem,» with an active link to the troubleshooting guide. I went through the entire troubleshooting guide which included rebooting my computer and also uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Nothing worked. I then tried restoring my C drive to yesterday’s settings, as Skype was working perfectly then. Also, when I quit Skype I get this message: «Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.» I’ve Google searched this problem and the only solution I found was to make another user profile on the computer, as the person who posted assumes that it has something to do with the registry. My internet connection is fine. Is there another way to fix this problem??

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Cannot focus a disabled or invesilbe window

Can anyone explain me why suddently this occurs.
I happens everytime I insert a new extension point.

Thanks in advance,

Try to open the StartUML application couple of times and it works without giving this error. After doing so if the error persists then reinstall the application to make it work without any errors. Also try from the start menu once, it works sometimes.

I got this error when I moved the desktop icon to quick launch folder. When I reinstalled and used the desktop icon it works.

I’ve got the same message. I think it’s because your «Message» window is auto-hidden or hidden, and the system wants to access to it.

I do not know what the cause is, but I have exactly the same problem.

Message box «Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window» appears continuously

I cannot work anymore

I’ve solved my problem setting Output, Model Explorer and Properties windows to Visible. After this just re-open your model and you will be fine.

Thank you. The suggestion to make the output, model exp and prop. windows visible solved my problem.

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