can t assign to function call python

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I am trying to create a very basic combat feature for a text based adventure game and my issue is that I am relieving an error regarding this line in particular.

The error in question is a Syntax error: can’t assign to function call error and I am stumped on what is causing the issue and how to fix it.

Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated.

The function in where that error lies is shown below.

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With the instruction random.choice(gold_dropped) += gold, you add the value of variable «gold» to something that «doesn’t exist» (it must be an existing variable, you cannot assign something to the anonymous result of a function). That is why the python interpreter complains.

You simply need to use an intermediate variable (validity of the instruction below checked with python 3.5):

I have the following code:

Whenever I try and run this script, I get the following:

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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It is not clear (to me at least) what it is you’re trying to achieve, but perhaps it is as simple as this:

As you might have guessed, F(x) is a function call. You’re calling the function F , which does not actually exist, passing it the argument x , which does not actually exist either. You need to give your variables legal names, like f_of_x .

and discard the function() method

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This line in my program:

causes me to get this error:

How do I fix this and make use of value of the function call?

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Syntactically, this line makes no sense:

You are attempting to assign a value to a function call, as the error says. What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re trying set subsequent_amount to the value of the function call, switch the order:

You wrote the assignment backward: to assign a value (or an expression) to a variable you must have that variable at the left s >

You are assigning to a function call:

which is illegal in Python. The question is, what do you want to do? What does invest() do? I suppose it returns a value, namely what you’re trying to use as subsequent_amount , right?

If so, then something like this should work:

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