“Call Windows Help Desk Immediately” scam alert


Here it is, a malicious website that promotes a paid remote tech support of some cyber crooks through fake pop-ups alerting some inexistent computer infections. Of course, this claim is totally wrong, the real danger is the “malware service removal” that attempts to convert you to a client of theirs. To look dreadful enough, some details will be stated at risk, such as banking details for example. First thing to do – ignore the error messages. Next point, let’s clarify what is this virtual enemy all about.

It’s an adware type-program – a PUP. It gets installed, display alerts and redirects its forced users without any permission from their side. So, second important suggestion: do not call their phone number. Their operators aren’t certified specialists, they are somehow “certified”, but it’s the charlatan school that they graduated. They only create an illusion of legitimacy; the truth is that they proliferate the wide spread of their information-tracking hijacker via all available methods among which is the bundling technique too: never skip the customized settings section (be watchful and unmark all the auxiliary attachments that a package contains).

Usually, the viruses that this scam alert will announce as infiltrated in your machine would not even exist, while the solution its authors offer are neither necessary nor qualified. Another signal to consider is the Internet connection that gradually will be diminished. The answer is the huge amount of ads that contain underlying content, too much for a decent tool. Next, you will be redirected to sites you never will want or need; meanwhile deals, discounts and vouchers will pop up in your way to the search results. Some other adware programs may be released inside your system by help of the “Call Windows Help Desk Immediately” that’s already accommodated and tracking your browsing habits in between. Yes, the little bogus generator of warnings is very well multitasking. Once it has your search queries and private login and/or financial details, they will be passed to fraudulent third parties involved in converting people’s privacy in revenue.

Therefore, it seems natural to have all this sort of apps removed from all the devices you own and avoid an identity theft for instance!

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