appbar scrolling view behavior

I’ve recently migrated my project to AndroidX. Now when I open specific page of the app that has code below, the app Crashes

Error in Logcat:

I think I must replace this behavior with it’s alternative in AndroidX. But what is that alternative code? I searched in But didn’t find AppBarLayout.

Thanks in advance.

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I found the solution. The layout_behavior line must be replace with this:

I am looking to add scroll support to more than just a single, scrollable, child view of CoordinatorLayout in conjunction with an AppBarLayout and CollapsingToolbarLayout . When scrolling the RecyclerView or the AppBarLayout (condensed code below), the app bar and its contents successfully scroll and collapse. However, when attempting to initiate a scroll event on the LinearLayout above the RecyclerView , nothing happens because the LinearLayout does not know to scroll or collapse the view.

The goal is to have the LinearLayout act as a sticky header to the RecyclerView and footer to the AppBarLayout and receive the same scrolling behavior as the RecyclerView , similar to Spotify’s shuffle play/available offline header. In fact, it would be great if the appbar_scrolling_view_behavior layout_behavior could be applied to the LinearLayout similarly to the RecyclerView , but I imagine that the behavior is ignored on non-scrollable views. Is anyone aware of a workaround for this that does not require implementing the LinearLayout view as a row in the RecyclerView ?

Please refer to my below fragment .XML

in the above file line

displays error «Unresolved reference» in the editor, however it doesn’t generate any compilation error.

I have searched net and stackoverflow to find solution, it has mentioned that

must be included in the app gradle file. I have checked it, and both files are there in my app gradle file.

I am not able to resolve the error. Please help with this error. Further to above error, I am also facing other erratic behaviour in my app, which is as explained below:

When my above viewpager (Containing error) is initialized, I am instantiating four tabs and where four fragments are opened. My fragment file is as below:

Now, issue is along with first fragment, second fragment is also getting instantiated, and onCreate method is fired for both. However, after that even if, I click on tab-2 (Diagnosis), onCreate is not fired. However, for other two fragments (TAB-3 (Lab Tests) and TAB-4 (Prescribe)) every time onCreate is getting fired whenever those tabs are clicked.

I am failed to understand this erratic behaviour. Is this due to above Unresolved reference? I have tried to remove the line app:layout_behavior=»@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior» , but above erratic behaviour remains as it is.

So, please help me in resolving above mentioned unresolved reference error and also above erratic behaviour of fragment initialization.

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