american mcgee s alice steam

1. Download the necessary files from here:
Mirror 1:!ArK1SFjZLGcWgmD89cpDDKbK0Tfz
If you own the Complete Edition on Origin, but wanna play the game on Steam, you can simply use the Alice1 folder from the Origin version.

2. Extract and move the Alice1 folder to:
C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonAlice Madness Returns

3. You need to have launched the game at least one time for the next step.
Go to: C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy GamesAlice Madness ReturnsAliceGameConfig
And open the file «AliceEngine.ini» with notepad. Look for «GIsSpecialPCEdition=FALSE» and change it to «GIsSpecialPCEdition=TRUE». This will unlock the Complete Edition content.
Now you will have a main menu option to launch the classic Alice HD game.
Another positive side effect is that all the exclusive Complete Edition costumes and weapons for Alice Madness Returns will be unlocked. This trick was already known and explained in many other guides. However, Steam is missing the HD version of the first Alice and that is the sense of this guide after all.

4. This is the last step. In the same AliceEngine.ini search for «Alice1Path=……Alice1in». This line is directly above the «GIsSpecialPCEdition=» line. Change it to: «Alice1Path=….Alice1in».
Yes, there is a difference in case you wondered. I removed one «..». This change is neccessary to get the game to run with the Steam version since it has a slightly different folder structure than the Origin/Complete Edition.

Thats it. After this you can launch the Alice HD version anytime from the main menu of Alice Madness Returns.

Have fun playing this old classic!

Other hints and troubleshooting:

I should note that this HD version includes all official languages for the game. English, German, Spanish, French. The game seems to use the language that is used in Alice Madness Returns.

By default the game never launches in fullscreen. You can fix this with editing the default_pc.cfg file in the bin/base directory of Alice1. Just change «seta r_fullscreen «0»» to 1.
You maybe have to delete the other config files in the same directory. I think the only file that you need to have there is the default_pc.cfg. In fact the game puts a config file into your Documents/My Games directory. Just editing this one didnt fix the fullscreen for me though. Weird.

EAX might work. It always reverted to Miles after every restart though. Couldnt fix this sadly. I always changed it to EAX2 in the sound option each start. Or just leave it on default Miles if you dont wanna bother with it. But Windows Vista to 10 shouldnt use EAX correctly anyway. You should try using sound driver tools like Alchemy to enable EAX in the game. Alternatively a tool called DirectSound should work too.

If you have tearing, force Vsync over the driver. The game has no Vsync option sadly so forcing it over the driver is the only way.
And to avoid Aliasing, just use 4x Anti Aliasing in your driver.
I should also note that this game works in 4K. Not kidding, was pretty surprised myself.
Running an old game from 2000 with the Quake 3 engine in 4K is. Well, weird. Back then we mostly played with 800×600 and stuff. Good ol’ times, haha.

There is also a nice HD texture pack available from an artist named OmriKoresh. She is very talented! Definitely check it out! This further improves the already «HD» version, since most textures were unchanged and only stuff like widescreen, controller support has been added.
Also, if you play in German, Spanish, French language, there are further patches on the same website to fix some problems that appear when using other languages with the texture pack.

Please tell me if the download file should be no longer downloadable.
You are also welcome to add mirrors in the comments. I will add them to the guide.
Please use 1 single file. So look for a hoster with at least 1GB file size uploads.


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Instant buy on release!

+1 for instant buy

Please obtain American McGee’s Alice. It’s one of the best games of all time!

Instant buy if it ever happens.

I got this game when it launched in 2000 on CD-Rom but I have long since lost my CD Key and would love to own a digital copy I can play whenever I please

YES! was just thinking about this while playing through Medievil, waiting for its remake to launch. have it on PS3 but would absolutley love to play both the Alice games on pc, whether or not they get remastered.

I just love this game!

look up «alice madness returns the complete collection» on if you want to play both Alice games

Please talk to AM -I’m sure you folks can make it happen

I’m looking for this game. I hope it can be done with Windows 10.

A true good old game! Please, bring us Alice!

One of my all-time favourite games. Would love the chance to replay it on my PC before the third game is finished!

Just played and loved Madness Returns. Want the original too!


Bring Alice to GOG!

Have this game on disc but can’t play it without downloading fixes and who-knows-what else. Would be great to be able to revisit this classic.

Another must have gem. Simply must have it here, or else!

Puh-LEEEEEEEASE, GOG, man-handle the rights to this bad-boy of a game and its sequel!

Piękna opowieść o uzasadnionym szaleństwie Dziewczynki i jej wiernego Kota ^

I can’t find a playable mod of this anywhere, please, please, pretty please add this gem. I will pay asking price the day you add it.

Another classic that GOG is missing out while not having it. It’s cult and even got a very well done sequel, that should be in GOG too.

add this game in gog please

Consider this comment a second vote for yes.

This is one of the most classic games from PC platform. It would be so cool to be able to purchase it. It’s hard because of EA licenses but I think that can be done.

This game is abandonware. GOG will never be able to get the license. https://www.myabandonware (dot) com has a lot of these old abandoned games. Would love to see GOG revive some of these.

waiting is sooo hard to take. come on gog

Yes would buy Alice as soon as it came avalible

I would love this! I bought my father might and Magic series because you no longer has the PC required to play the disks.
My mother was a die-hard fan of Alice and I’d love to do the same for her as I did for my father

YES!! Get this one now!!

hey people, write to feedback to origin, so they can decide to sell again 🙂

come on gog, people want american mcgee alice 😀

I would love to see both this and madness returns.

Madness Returns should be added too. Right now the only way to get it is through Origin, and I’d rather have my first-born child get lost in a Columbian flea market than have to buy something through Origin.

I would love this.

Please give us Alice: Madness Returns and the Remastered version of Alice.

Don’t you dare let these games be forgotten!!

I hope one day the add on GOG both Alice McGee’s Alice and Alice Madness Returns.These games are amazing and more people should play them!

Hope this cult classic could be available here!

Well, even McGee’s Alice deserve to be on GOG !

EA says they don’t have the license anymore. Beats me who does.

Alice is a game I would re-buy in a heartbeat.

It’s distributed by EA Games, so its unlikely you’ll be able to get it here, rather go explore Origin. 🙁

Ooooh, yeah, this is a good one.

I want this one so much, please make it available, please please please

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The rerelease of the original American McGee’s Alice was only available for PC by preordering Alice Madness Returns though EA’s Origin service. As of now, on both Steam and Origin, it is no longer available.

The dress/weapon DLC is technically unavailable to purchase for PC, but as another topic on this board shows, you can activate the extras by altering a single PC file. But even then you would not have access to the original game.

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