acpi error method parse execution failed

I recently built a PC based on Intel’s latest Skylake CPU (i5-6500) and Z170 chipset (AsRock Z170 Pro4), and installed Ubuntu 15.10 on it. After setting up, however, I found that the kernel message buffer was flooded with this error message. This is how I fixed it.

This is how to fix it: add this line to /etc/rc.local:

Then reboot your PC, the error message should be gone. If you want to learn more about how I came up with fix, keep reading.

The Symptoms

As described earlier, after the system booted up, this error message flooded the kernel ring buffer:

These three error messages were printed over and over again, and the /var/log/kern.log file rapidly exceeds several GB in about half an hour.


After Googling around, I found this kernel bug report that is exactly the same problem:

It seems that adding acpi=off to kernel arguments could eliminate this error, but that will also disable all the ACPI functionality and the system would not be shut down properly (got stuck when do a sudo reboot).

I also updated to the latest BIOS ( v2.80) from AsRock, that still does not fix the problem.

I’ve got two problems:

My laptop does not wake up when it is suspended and it shows these messages in a black screen:

I’ve tried to disable the suspend mode when I close the lid, modifying the /etc/systemd/logind.conf file and the /etc/UPower/UPower.conf file but none of those worked.

What should I do?

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As per Xid errors list, error 79 (GPU has fallen off the bus) can be related to variety of things such as driver or hardware issue, system memory corruption, bus error or thermal issue (overheating).

Run NVIDIA X Server Settings app (which comes with the drivers) and check the temperature, graphic clock, performance levels and GPU utilization levels.

The following post (based on this original thread), suggests to disable PCI-E ASPM (Active State Power Management) by changing boot params to pcie_aspm=off (it forcibly disables PCIe ASPM).

I have found a solution: changing the driver of my graphic card, instead of using NVIDIA binary driver, use the X.Org X server NVIDIA driver

I found that switching to Intel graphics using the Nvidia tool, without uninstalling the Nvidia proprietary drivers, also makes resume from suspend work. (This is option is only available if you have a card that supports Nvidia’s Optimus technology).

Also, the error shown on my screen was slightly different; I’m listing it here in case it helps someone with their online search:

Here is a screenshot of the Nvidia tool with Intel graphics selected:

У меня показывает ошибки при загрузке. Когда загрузился, сделал в терминале dmesg и скопировал ошибки сюда.

По ошибке sp5100_tco: I/O address 0x0cd6 already in use нашёл в поисковике, что надо добавить в blacklist, а что добавить, и куда, не понял.

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Железо вывод lspci

Видеокарту не разгонял, побаиваюсь спалить.
Ноутбук HP Pavilion p004sr
Ядро 4.9.31-1-MANJARO
При установке нового ядра — то же самое.
При откате на ядро 4.8.17-1-MANJARO — ошибки пропадают, но

эта ошибка остаётся.

По ошибке sp5100_tco: I/O address 0x0cd6 already in use нашёл в поисковике, что надо добавить в blacklist, а что добавить, и куда, не понял.

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